Trace Every Line of Your Symmetry
What is normal? What is not?

Based on these questions, the series "trace every line of your symmetry" contains an interplay of sensual, natural, physical and analytically constructed as well as comparative representations. The generally accepted ideal human form, disseminated by the media as a doctrine, should not be an absolute norm. Physical differences should be considered normal.
The photo book deals with the clinical picture of "scoliosis" and traces the development of the resulting symptoms of the photographer from 2007 to 2021. 14 years passed before she felt able to come to terms with what had happened. The best aim of the work is to draw attention to this situation and to encourage those affected to lead a life of self-confidence and free from false shame in dignity and with the development of personal potential

Isabell Kessler is a photographer currently based in Berlin - working world wide. She was born in Saxony, the eastern part of Germany, in 1994. She discovered her enthusiasm for photography during her stay abroad in New Zealand in 2015. For this reason, she moved from Schneeberg to Berlin to study photography at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences - Art & Design. In February 2021 she successfully completed her studies and was awarded the best graduation project of the Bachelor Fotografie program. Meanwhile Isabell Kessler is working on several projects, publications and exhibitions.