What We talk about when we talk about survival?
August 29, 2021
Living in the modern world, we are overwhelmed by news on disasters and unfortunate events. Our worries over illness, climate change and violence have never been so up-closed. While death happens within seconds, we spend our lifetime worrying about it and if there is anything awaiting for us beyond.
Survival is not limited to physical and mostly, an emotional battle of mankind. Every moment, we worry about losing our job, not being understand by others, not accomplishing our goals; thanks to social media, we consistently compare our interior with other people’s exterior. All these negative thoughts lead us to loneliness, a feeling we are not really good at coping with.
To survive through loneliness, we can consider picking up a few talents along our journey.
Reading is one of my favourite tools to make dialogue with people from the past and learn from their stories. Taking our time to love and to mourn, and to understand the power of living in the moment, not the past nor future. Understanding our own weakness, which is indeed a beautiful gift from God. Finally, learn how to be in solitude. All these tools might allow us to make peace with what we fear the most.

Wong Wei-him (b.1975) is a street photographer and an architect based in Hong Kong. "At first, I used camera to research on peculiar spaces and exquisite design details as inspirations for my design projects. It then becomes a habit that I bring my camera with me wherever I go. When I see anything that intrigues or touches me, I photograph it. It was until I came across Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt and Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi, so particular the angle they reflect culture and humanity via their photos, I decided to do street photography and ever since photography has turned into one of my passions."

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