They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear
November 3, 2021
The series builds up onto an experiential situation and develops the problem that arises after the end of a relationship, while extending to the redefinition of personal identities.
It attempts to visualize the internal situation experienced by the people in transition who are entering in a temporary situation, knowing that the old one is dying and wishes to move to a new condition. Through this initial uncomfortable process, which was characterized by feelings of emptiness, uncertainty, fear and tension, the ones experiencing it are called upon to confront themselves, their desires and lick their wounds in order to reconnect with themselves.
Lost in empty and wild places, into rooms or into the nature, they are able to communicate and express their emotions. Having no fear to show their true self throughout the transition, they keep moving forward, singing their own song and looking to be heard by the ones who have felt and experienced feelings of loneliness.
*The title is from an anonymous quote about the intimate connection between lovers and incorrectly has been attributed to the famous wit Oscar Wilde.

Klavdia Balampanidou (b.1991) is a Greek photographer, born in Avranlo, Georgia and based in Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied Audiovisual Arts at the Department of Sound and Visual Arts of the Ionian University. She holds a Master’s degree in History and Theory of Art from the Department of Fine Arts at the Technological University of Cyprus. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions across England, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Her projects are exploring concepts of collective identity, desire and longing as well as themes of mental health.

IG: klavdia_balampanidou