The Untold Story
May 1, 2022

Say something about yourself?

Hello. I’m ‘Pleum’. My family has a photo studio, restaurant and coffee shop in my home town Lampang.
I graduated from the provincial high school in Lampang before coming to Chiang Mai University.

What is this series?
My current work is inspired by works of many photographers like Max Slobodda, Javier ‘Monty’ Kapla, Feng-Li, Dirty Harry and Kanrapee Chokpaiboon. These photographers have their own way of telling their stories. I love their ways of using flash to change the visual effect and make the work look surreal. But the best part isn’t how they use the flash, it is how they choose their subjects, to tell their stories.
“The Untold Story” series changed me from a hunter to an observer, looking and waiting for some weird behavior, strange and rare to find in our daily life. I captured them by using flash to highlight the behavior and enhance the surrealistic effect.

How/When did you start this series?
My work on this series started in January as a class assignment titled ‘Shoot anything you want’. This topic is both hard and easy to figure out. The first idea was to explore the use of the flash and the second idea is ’to explore what I am really interested in photography’. I don’t want the definition of street photography or any type of photography to drag me from developing my photographic skills; so, the idea is just shooting flash, and finding my own way to tell the story…following my own instincts.


About Artist

Thitaphat Chimprasert ‘Pleum’. A half introvert-extrovert guy from Lampang whose father was the owner of Photography Studio. He started his photography journey when he was 15 years old. Graduated from Chiang Mai University with a major in photography. Currently, work in Bangkok as Photography Teacher and Content Writer. Interested in every kind of visual art especially Photography.