Purity of perception

If you divide the whole into fragments, you can see them as they are, pure. If you carefully
focus on one moment, you can feel it without the prism of your past experiences.

If you peel off a piece of thought from the tangled skein in your head, you can
understand exactly who you are now.

If you look closely at the homogeneous mud, you can see a lot of parallel fractal systems
connected into one: like coniferous needles, grains of sand, humus, pieces of bark, moss, grass.
I train myself to stop more often, remember and turn on an open, unsophisticated perception.

And here is a collection of pictures that convey how you can see moments, people,
events, interactions, if you remove all unnecessary things that change their essence.

My name is Alyona, I am mainly engaged in amateur photography and painting. Now, at the age of nineteen, I am at the peak of my desire to learn about myself and the world around me. And most of all, I like to share the new things that appeared in my head through artistic pictures. In this series I have collected my old and new pictures, which most emotionally connect me with those moments when I looked at things the way I described in the statement. That is, in the understanding of the project, a subjective experience plays an important role, the spirit of which I tried to convey in the artistic processing of the images. The idea of this project was born in the moment of realisation how important sincerity is in everything, even in smallest details.

Alyona Timofeeva was born in 2002 in St. Petersburg, Russia and since 2017 has been engaged in photography and entered the Roerich St. Petersburg Art School. At the moment she is interested in research activities, creating projects at the intersection of art and documentary photography. Alyona is attracted to the themes of youth and human interaction with the world.