Plastic Eyes
April 24, 2022

Say something about yourself?

Poonpun it’s my nickname, I grew up from Ratchaburi Province. I have taken a photography for a few year, After I was graduated in a field of Production design in cinema. I tern my destination of my life from a screenplay writer to me who love to take a photo everyday.
Nowadays I have been studying visual art in master degree.

When did you realize photography would be apart of you? and How?

Actually, I always enjoy to take a photo but I didn’t think to be a photographer. Because when I was study in cinema my destination was a screenplay writer, until I had graduated. I’ve got a new film camera(Pentax k1000) that my father used to took when he was a teenager, then he can teach me how to use it.Later I so deeply more interested in photography. I learned by myself. I search information about film camera on many website until I founded website about street photography that changing my eyes to see the everything all around me.Although I am not the one who good to take a street photography, method is make me fun to take a photo until now.

Are there something profoundly related between your photography style and your life?
Sure. In my real life, I concerned issue about sociality and culture, everything all around me is supposition that created for social organization such as gender sexual and religion, because we are live under them. So I bring that supposition to my concept deal with fake and weirdo , when I look through the camera. It always full fill my fake world.

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