In the Midst of Uncertainty
“Revealing Memory Traces of being in time and space”
In Thailand, protests began in early 2020. When the people realised that this land had been overruled by the top of the pyramid of power oppressive the people. Freeze them in a time almost still. Lost around in a dream that was never reached. But when aware they can have freedom, They want to fulfill their dreams, They want to have well-being.
This land is not the same anymore. Thus people have movement against not to become underneath the dust of top of pyramid feet.
This series of photographs captures the path of people of this land to get their real democracy … not military dictatorship
So I set out to capture stories, feelings, and memories of these events through photographs.
Create a story by superimposition and multi exposure images
to portray a diverse range of movement people who have come together to change this land
…Traces of people movement and places… in The midst of uncertainty.

Tanakit Kitsanayunyong
4th generations of his Chinese immigrant descendants family in Thailand.Tanakit Kitsanayunyong born lives and works in Bangkok. graduated from RMUTT in major of photography&cinematography. His base work is moving image. His curious in perceptual to various side of human and landscape. He try to merge the spaces of art in to moving image to be an observation in human, landscape, disciplines , politics , cultural and history.