Dans Les Bras Du Vide
As a photographer I’m drawn to the feelings of loneliness, isolation and/or alienation because these emotions strongly resonate with me personally. My adoption left me with a disoriented sense of identity and a vague meaning of the word "home". In my work I try to capture and play around with those feelings.
Esthetically, I’m mainly looking for clear shapes and lines as an arena for my subjects, both coming from light or architecture. I feel that the boldness of these shapes enhances the fragility of the people portrayed within these lines.
I also love working in a wide frame as it allows me to use extra horizontal space to evoke emptiness. I find it interesting to utilize the surroundings of my characters to create emotional context, even when these surroundings are blank or abstract.
This is an on-going series.

Hyun De Grande
I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1987 and I was adopted to Belgium when I was around 4 months old. I grew up in a small town called Oostkamp together with my parents and my younger brother, who is also adopted. At the age of 15, I started studying film and photography at the Art Academy in Bruges, which was my introduction to both artforms. After two more years of studying film at the School of Arts in Ghent, I moved to Brussels in 2008 to specialize in cinematography at the RITCS, where I ultimately graduated. I’m still residing in Brussels, and I currently work as a cinematographer in the narrative and commercial fields. My street photography originated from the dead moments in between film jobs to keep my eye occupied, but it quickly elevated to a full-grown passion in which I discovered a way to fully express myself. It’s obvious that my cinematography background has heavily influenced my photography style, yet I try to approach things in another way when I’m taking pictures compared to shooting a movie. The biggest difference is that I don’t share the creative process with others, which allows me to explore themes that are closer to myself as a person.