Santolo Felaco
Where I come from, even the air is melancholic.
At dusk, when the light gives out its final rasping breaths, ghosts come out from the bowels of the earth to remind you of who you are.
I have breathed that air for years, and I have lost count of how many times my lungs got filled and emptied of that “pneuma” of existence. Melancholy gives back to us our most solid and sad awareness: the idea of the end.
All that is left to do, with aware forgetfulness, is to deceive our fate by facing the spiteful barbaric fury of our times and transforming our existence in resistance.
From the lungs, that scent of death has found its home in the bowels and in the mind, drumming in our head the same incessant question: “Where are we going?”

Santolo Felaco (1984, Naples). Co-founder of L.I.S.A. collective and founder and curator of Discarded Magazine In 2016 he founded L.I.S.A. collective with Gian Marco Sanna and Dario Li Gioi. From 2016 to 2018 he worked for the long term project “Caput Mundi”. Such work published on many international magazines. In 2017 he published the fanzine “918”. In 2018 he published with Gian Marco Sanna the fanzine “But I love you”. and in the same year Urbanautica Institute published the book “Caput Mundi”. This work has been exhibited at Galleria Ribella and Spazio Tiepolo 38 In 2019, Caput Mundi book has been exhibited at Athene Photofestival and was awarded at the Italian Street Photofestival for best book. In 2019 he founded Discarded Magazine From 2018 to today he’s working to the long term project “Spleen” which published on several international magazines. In 2020 he published with Gian Marco Sanna the fanzine “ECCE HOMO“. He published in some international magazines like Der Greif, Zeit Magazine online, GUP Magazine, Phases Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Das Magazine, C41, Youthies Magazine, Gente di fotografia, etc